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Xtreme 8 Week Challenge Update!

The challengers are NOT messing around!  Two weeks into our challenge and participants are in BEAST MODE, dropping 183.5 lbs in the first two weeks.  Average weight loss for the product participants during the first week of detox varied from 1.5-11.3lbs in 7 days.  Check out the details below on how to get started with your 7-day detox.



Regularly $105 per person

On Sale $99 per person

Includes a FREE SHAKER!

Choose YOUR start date! The CORE detox includes before & after measuresments, InBody composition (body fat percentage, BMR, total body water) and pictures.  This is a great jump start to creating internal balance through nutrition.  You can not beat poor nutrition through exercise, unless you have hours of time to expend DAILY!  

Get swimsuit ready with a detox that Mariah Prussia stands behind. This one week program allows you to eat REAL food while also ridding your body of toxins. You do not have to be an Xtreme Measures gym member; this program is open to men and women. 

We will educate you on the importance of CLEAN EATING during the 7-day detox. On average individuals are losing between 5-12 pounds during this phase. 

Plan to order your product a minimum of 7 days in advance of your desired Core Detox start date. This will allow the appropriate time frame for your supplements to be delivered in order to participate in the CORE DETOX. 
For more information or to order: www.corein8.com/2204634

Detox Kits are also available for purchase at Xtreme Measures.


Will improve your cardiovascular endurance, strength, and will sculpt

your body and core to an optimal level.

COST: $199 
(includes MPX Customized Sparring Gloves)
Tuesday/Thursday Nights 5:30-6pm
Starts June 9th-July 2nd
Limited Availability (max 4)

Instructed by
Mariah "MPX" Prussia Professional  MMA Fighter

Join Shelly Johnson, newly certified Venice Nutritional Coach

to help you structure meal plans conducive to your lifestyle needs. 

-4 Individual Sessions
(First session 45 min/3-30 min)
-Individualized Meal Plans
-Weekly Weigh-ins
-InBody Composition  
-Q & A 

This month ONLY $179



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New Members: If you have questions in regard to insurance reimbursements, contact Shelly Johnson: info@xtrememeasuresnd.com